Inspired by the MALCOM Wikia, it's an uncensored blog that allows anyone to anonymously confess gossip, opinions, facts, and insider information about the MyAnimeList community and its members. Inspired by the MALCOM Wikia, Mr. Pocky founded the blog to serve as the continuation to the now disconnected MALCOM Wikia.

Controversy awaits you. 

The Comeback Edit

Recent update from the blog:

Hey MAL Denizens,

Consider my hiatus done because I am back in business. From this moment  on, I will be posting MAL's juiciest scandals: petty catfights, romantic interludes, happenings, and hallmarks of idiocy.

Promote the fuck out of this blog and check it out daily -- updates are in store for you.



Third Wave Edit

The notorious blog makes a return with it's third wave of the latest gossip and scandals on MAL.

Move over Pocky.

- Pabu

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