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A Troll from Brazil, notorious for throwing any semblance of logic out the window.  The nemesis of intelligence, itself.Also he likes to rob peoples cause he is from poverty ( Favelas )


Lupadim arrived to MAL circa 2012, during which he spammed threads about One Piece.


Due to harsh backlash from a User-Moderator coalition, Lupadim had to take a step back, lick his wounds, and devise a more subtle plan for baiting and trolling. This is when he discovered Casual Discussion, the backwaters of MAL. Here he found a prime target population that comprised of internet philosophers, debate fanatics, trolls, pseudointellectuals, and other groups of people with too much time on their hands.

It is from here that Lupadim would start a distinguished career as a baiter who would lead the denizens of Casual Discussion to countless number of nonsensical, chaotic, IQ-lowering disucssions.  Lupadim's primary modus operandi is to create "loaded threads" - or threads in which the topic of disucsion is general, philosophical, and/or controversial and the opening post contains smart axioms, confounding descriptions, and/or instigative claims, leading to a huge discussion - from these he would proceed to alter the activity of his central nervous system to that of coconut

As any good cancer would do, the cancer of MAL would, for a while, go on to withstand a vast amount of assaults form a variety of sources. He tango'd with everything from heavy moderation, to aimless wars of attrition with Immahnoob the Instigator, to dismantling at the hands of Katsucats, counter-trolling, to heavy criticism and argument from the Casual Discussion community.

The pinnacle of Lupadim's plague was makred by the acquisition of two allies, Okazaki and JD, who served as proxy posters to agument and serve buffer to Lupadim's vanguard trolling.  By employing tactical ignorance, selective hearing, dishonest debate tactics, and being retarded, Luapdim was able to continue this rampant metastasis until 2014.

Decline and Assimilation into MALEdit

A crushing blow to to Lupadim's campaign came in early 2014, when Kineta banned Lupadim for the sixth time in the wake of a re-establishment of a crumbling police forum. The next ban would be permanent. As the ranks of moderators doubled, new policies came into effect, and Lupadim's topcis were destroyed early and moderated with risks of permabans. The efforts were successful, and Lupadim decided to abandone the Casual Discussion.  No longer able to make discussion topics, a sulking Lupadim resorted to creating poorly-written fanfics about his fantasies of destroying mods, and lurking on the IRC where he tries to get permission from moderators to post topics.  Defeated as the cancer MAL didn't want, but might have deserved, Lupadim now lives humbly as nothing more than a mere crackpot among many and is tryin to rehabilitate himself into a decent member of MAL forums.


  • Creating threads
  • Discussing
  • Insulting people
  • Quote chaining
  • Shitposting
  • Nonsense Logic
  • Developing Brazil




After that, Lupadim decided to spend his time on MAL creating fanfics about the MAL users and mods (He will always cast himself as the most intelligent and interesting character of the story). His most notorious fanfics are:

He also plays prominent roles among other popular MALfics, spearheading the trend. Some of his roles include: