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The goddess of MAL ( actually a pedophile ) , nicknamed God Admin, or best admin. The fire in her heart, her passion for MAL (even though she is almost always never on), shines brighter than a thousand suns. Because of that, however, she is forced to come outside only in special hazmat suits because she is a weeb, to prevent burning everything in a light year radius. Yes, she loves MAL that much, and we should all bow down to her greatness.And don't forget her passion for passion....

A major issue with her, however, is that she is entirely inactive and incapable of helping any users when she is supposed to be the one to reach to, being the imcompetent mod that she is.


Luna has her own fanclub full of dedicated cucks, pedophiles and white knights. Among worshipping her altar, their activities include things such as discussing her greatness, writing poems about her, looking at her avatar whilst masturbating and making birthday cards.

Although a fanclub does exist, Luna is generally deplored by the community, as they should be (as seen by the comment section to this page).


An example of a birthday card for Luna (© Asap)


She may or may not have a platonic lesbian relationship with Kineta.

Some sources also report that she is a fujoshi.

Genkai wo Koeru Edit

In August 2014, Luna overcame her own limits by evolving into a Database Administrator. Due to this, she is now capable of destroying illegitimate accounts without relying on the help of others. Moreover, not only has her attack power increased but she has also become able to help Earthlings who have lost their password. It is clear that the days of sorrow have now found an end with Luna defending us against any form of opponent there may be.