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Known as the "Semen Demon" of MAL and loves dog dick. She's the Janitor of the No Fap Contest thread because she likes to drink semen. HaXXspetten's personal slave, she's a former member of Most Overated/Underated Club, having left due to annoying fanboys.


  • Multiple MIndsets
  • Lurks CD and AD
  • Enjoys stealing meme


  • Okashi_sama (due to obnoxious fanboy attitude)
  • Try-Hard Elitest Overlords
  • ThatAnimeSnob Clones
  • Narutards (Tsudecimo
  • People with SAO, Shigatsu and any A-1 Pictures anime on their favorites
  • People who consider their subjective opinions as objective fact
  • Obnoxious/Annoying Fanboys (no explination needed)
  • Narcissists
  • Shiposters (Except Nicoreos)
  • All Priests (Except WrongPriest)
  • Fat Neckbeards
  • Weeaboos


  • HaXXspetten ( Master <3)
  • Xynical
  • Kagami_Hiiragi
  • Moog-
  • Soul-Master
  • Kinkara
  • Rouzhan
  • Xiaraith
  • Lolicon1101 (A-kun!)
  • Chill and Calm people
  • People with developed anime taste
  • People who love Dank Memes
  • Sexy MAL people
  • Touhou fans
  • Kancolle fans
  • People who admist anime are cartoons
  • Semen

Sucks at recommendationEdit


On the forums


Quotes of Wisdom:Edit

"Many modern anime were directed and written by chimpanzees, baboons, and gorillas"

"Light novels were Ads while elitists were Ad blockers. Billions of people install Ad blocker in their browser so that's why elitists where everywhere to block all the light novels (Ads)."

"Everything is made in China, except for babies. They're made in Vachina." 

Objective in life:Edit

  • Watch all elitist pandering anime before 2016, and apparently to never shut up about it.



By: potatotron

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