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He pretends to be a super-kawaii-desu-ne teenage girl by being all cute and ditzy and adding a ~ at the end of sentences, but in fact is a scrawny chair force dude on a mission in Afghanistan reporting the weather and bored out of his fucking mind and known for necrophilia. Almost all sites are blocked on his computer, but MAL (god knows why) isn't, so he's here. Contrary to popular belief, his name is pronounced "leemeh"; it's more kawaii that way. He was pestering people to add his wiki page because he's still not a MAL celebrity and no one could be bothered to make one for him. Here you go, faggot. Fucking slut.

-Side note*: He is engaged to the user Poitato. (says who?? wtf is this)

His hobbies including hiking, long walks on the beach, men and various other homosexual activities. The letters in Lime stand for 'loves imagining men ejaculating'.

But reallyEdit

None of the above is true at all, Lime-chan is in fact a cute girl. How isn't that obvious? Would anyone just go on the internet, and tell a lie? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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Teenage yearsEdit

Lime's teenage years

I don't know where you found this, but I'll be a good sport and leave it you motherfucker.

- Lime

The BeginningEdit

3 score and several months ago, Lime had a homo friend who wanted to watch anime one night instead of partying because both of them were losers and got ditched. This friend suggested watching anime. The anime was Death Note and the result was addiction. I warned you about those stairs, bro.

Joining the ForumsEdit

So some of the above might be true. Lime did indeed get deployed and is stuck in Afghanistan. So despite the elite-looking join date, Lime only started posting to this god-forsaken place recently.

Destined for fameEdit

Of course, being the vain, little attention whore Lime-chan is, after lurking the forums for all of 1 day, he decided that MellowJello was an elite member and that The Chat Club was where elite members hang out. Lime quickly joined the club and began shit-posting galore with an end goal to become a MAL Superstar (too bad that will never happen and no one gives a shit who Lime is).


Most of the free time afforded to Lime is spent in everywhere, because really, why browse any other way? Unless you wanna miss out on an important '1st' post in important threads (too bad).


  • Lime initially ran into some loli who really enjoyed a horrible show and ended up falling in love with trolling him so much, that some homo manga was made.
  • Lime has been in several of Kibura's and Lupadim's fan-fics found in the please notice me section.
  • How pathetic, that's all there really is (that can be thought of at this time).
    Feels for cupquake

    wtf is this gay shit?

The FutureEdit

What future?

Lime will probably edit some wiki's, because, why not?