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Lady Renly is the resident lunar priestess and is also a coffee princess. Her powers vary depending on the lunar cycle, and how much coffee is flowing through her veins. For the record, she is not a junkie, she can quit any time she wants.


Renly is fairly new to MAL. Upon signing up, she didn't think she'd last long or make any friends. But MAL has a funny way of making the unexpected happen. Renly is 20 years old and is Canadian. She is spending her time trying to watch anime, but is very hard because she spends more time socializing with people instead. She works at a bakery trying to earn money so she can spread her wings and fly.

She is known of being a Yu-Gi-Oh! duel master. Because of her unmatched skill the only worthy opponent she could find was herself. She played many matches against herself and won all of them. Her domination was later finnaly stopped by her mother. It was one-sided match in which she couldn't even deal any damage to her mighty oponent. That was the first and only lose that she ever had but it was so devastating that it made her quit Yu-Gi-Oh!

Impact on MALEdit

Renly isn't a fairly significant user. She will normally insert her piece into threads, tries to make interesting threads, but hasn't done anything to make her famous on par with the likes of the legendary lupadim. She works hard to be the most famous MALite to have ever graced the forum. She also spends her time love tapping people on IRC.

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