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Kishar is a reasonably popular MAL user and frequent cards dealer. By all accounts, she is a wonderful lady obsessed with Sable. She gets all the V, hence why all of her Citadel are her children. She's also hella gay and the queen of memes as well as Kish's Citadel.

She's the stepsister of user Mickdrew (aka Ikky), the delusional pseudo Canadian who will most likely be executed via stake burning if he pushes that luck stat too much. ('Just remember: Kishar isn't a meanie' - Ikky).

('Also don't go near her if you favour your hearing or else you'll go deaf and don't steal her waifu.' - Ikky)

Her children consist of:

- Child #1 who likes to roll around.

- Child #2 who likes to run away from his mum.

- Child #3 who is a sadistic evil maniac who she'll take over the world with and used to burn at the stake. ('Also obviously the best child. Mother you raised me well.' - Child#3)

- Child #4 who is a bumbling idiot with a doge mask and has the biggest yaoi hands anyone within the Citadel has ever beared witness to.

- Child #5 who is a disappointment. (Common phrases include 'bruh' 'chill' and 'I gotchuuuu'. Use these when planning to interact with him.)

- Child #6 who is an angel and shares the same music tastes as her mum.

- Child #7 who is an angel <3

- Child #8 who is an angel and a fellow cards dealer.

-Child #9 who is a terrorist and piece of shit who should give all his money to his mum ('Yup, Kish is totally not a meanie. Seriously' - Ikky). (Note: So you'd defend Child #8 but you not me ? Seriously? I sense some favouritism in the works XP)

And the list continues.

'She's also the stepsister of Broder who is totally a tsun-tsun-dere-dere and a piece of crap.' - ('And people think Kish is mean? Pfft, she's more delightful than a basket of fucking puppies :D' - Ikky)

(Note: I think Ikky may need some fries to go with his salt. Be sure to visit his MAL profile to donate some of the glorious potato fingers.)

She's also married to Satan (Nakazawa) and these people would technically be related to her:

- 'Joe' who likes to roll around and give affection and rub cheeks with her.

- 'A' who's Satan's sister and likes to throw cats across the room.

- 'Drew Simpson' who isn't very active but is nice.

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