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TallonKarrde23's greatest enemy. Their famous tl;dr duels began when Aversa, ThangLong and Rodac were introduced as new mods and from then on, she became the Churchill of TK23's Hitler.

Kineta the Admin Edit

Known for driving her mods (*cough* slaves) endlessly without remorse. Doesn't actually do anything but drink tea and party while watching. She's particularly afraid of "shounen revolutions" that could be started by an attention whore at any moment. How she manages to deal with it? By promising to make changes in the future (which never end up happening).

As an admin, she has a tendency to be the most robotic staff member of all, as evidenced by her tl;dr posts (that absolutely no one reads) that're completely devoid of emotion.

May very well be a robot, actually. Be on the look out.

Kineta the Human BeingEdit

However, that all is a mere facade; the human Kineta is shown to be a scared young loli who is desperately holding together the sinking ship that is MAL and fighting the evil known as Crave.

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