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Katsucats is considered to be the one of the most intelligent and eloquent users (and by that, we mean “preachy” and “irritatingly pretentious”) of this site. His main field is philosophy and he openly states that he could take on anyone in a debate, yet his arguments frequently fall flat due to the fact that almost no one except for himself wants to hear his philosophy based ramblings. Katsu has yet to realize that a philosophy degree is what could be easily coined as “underwater basket weaving”- as it often only warrants a job teaching philosophy to a group of uninterested college kids. Perhaps he should’ve decidedly picked a better science degree, such as psychology. That would actually earn him money.

He lives in California where he goes to the same college as Ragix.  Their relationship is purely emotional, however. Some sources claim to have witnessed Ragix sniffing the inside of Katsucats' fedora, though these claims have yet to be confirmed.

Katsucats' hobbies include windowshopping fedoras, buying fedoras, organizing fedoras and wearing fedoras. Due to the social stigma nowadays, however, he rarely wears them anymore.

He has a website for anime related stuff:

His lifeEdit

His life mostly revolves around sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. And fedoras.


Katsucats is known to enjoy philosophical debates and sometimes resorts to humiliating the other person, because as he claims, he can afford it since no one stands a chance against him and his fedor- I mean vast knowledge of philosophy.

His discussions with BloodCalibur belong to the most popular among the majority of active MAL users. Shame they both quit, so much popcorn.

Personal Revelations Edit

"I'm rich in character."

Starrysky: Katsu, do you have a thing for her?

Katsucats: Mellow? Yes.

"What if I like sex against the wall?"


He's some keyboard warrior faggot that likes what is probably a tribley.