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One of the rare MAL regular users that likes to write in double spaces for whatever reason. Judges how good a character is by whether or not he can fap to it, which explains his only female characters favorite list. Furthermore, according to some reliable sources, he has an estimated 1 Terabyte worth of pornography stored in both video and image formats in his personal computer. As such, this user is not your average perverted basement dweller and it is advised for all users whom have planned or planning to meet him in person to not proceed on having a handshake as a formal form of greeting but rather through speech. The reasons being hygiene related and more importantly, invalidate the chances of having to bear an act that you may regret for the rest of your life.

Rumour has it that he is a closet homosexual in denial, due to his opinion that traps are hot and fappable.


Likes incest and apparently has a sister.

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