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Similar to Infinite, he is butthurt for not having his own wikia page on the basis that he is one of the most popular users among MAL casuals. In an annual MAL community event however, "Favourite User of 2013" listed JD2411 only receiving a measly one vote, which might be casted by himself.

He lacks common sense and is one of the least intelligent users on MAL. JD tries too hard to be a troll, and in the end, simply becomes a shitposter. This user also happens to be a derailer, because the only thing he can do well is derailing .

One PieceEdit

JD seems to both like and hate One Piece, his opinion of it changing every week. Unfortunately, he doesnt seem to be actually watching it because he has been on the skypeia arc for fucking ever.

Trolling HistoryEdit

JD began trolling in September 2013 after months of lurking. Initially, his trolling involved making poor rip-offs of threads made by Okazaki93.

Following his first ban, JD decided to change his style and began creating threads on topics such as feminism. These were met with varied success with his feminism topic gaining 300 posts within 24 hours. By this point, JD had begun to interact with the users in the Chat Club and was eventually accepted by the MAL community as the user everyone loves to hate.

Currently, JD spends his time shitposting in Casual Discussion and baiting One Piece fans in Anime Discussion.

Filthy Frank Fanbase Attacks Edit

JD was openly annihilated by YouTuber & Comedian Filthy Frank on one of his videos titled "Loser reads hater comments" where he read out some of the most cancerous comments every to be posted on his videos. One of those comments was posted by JD, he then proceeded to comment on the video that called out his comment stating:

"you seem really butthurt if you have to get your huge fanbase to harass people who give you negative feedback holy fucking shit lmao learn to take an insult bro"

To which the YouTuber's fanbase replied:

Screenshot 3
Screenshot 2

Half way through the 499 comments, JD gave up as he knows he cannot fight the Filthy Frank fanbase. Pictures such as this were soon released to the public, he eventually gave up. But is this the end? Probably not.

Alternate Account TheoryEdit

Several people believe JD to be the alt of another user, most often it is stated he is Lupadim's alt. This is unconfirmed at this moment in time.


JD has a strong dislike for the current moderation, but instead of sending a moderator a private message, he chooses to make threads in the suggestions board which are rightfully ignored by the moderators.

JD's criticisms of the moderation are poorly thought out and are nothing more than the result of butthurt as a result of him being banned.

Sources inidcate he once had a 2 hour long arguement in IRC with Kineta, which resulted in Kineta calling him an idiot.

Notable quotesEdit

Hey guys, JD here

I'm one of the most popular users and yet I still have no page? wtf

That's just your opinion.Edit

"as the biggest clannad fan on MAL, I can say that you don't have to be a hipster to dislike clannad. in fact, I don't give a hoot if you like it or not

what I LOATHE though is that certain individuals who will remain anonymous for fear of a ban constantly bring up that they hate it in every possible thread and it's become the cool thing to hate on. I LOATHE THIS ABOVE ALL ELSE! LOATHE!!!!" (source)


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