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An attention whore and will-be slut.


Another name for him is Iprefershittchi.

The first time he saw a topless woman was on TV in 2008, in the 1996 film Striptease starring Demi Moore. He popped a boner, but he didn't masturbate to her, not understanding what to do with his raging hardon yet.

He started masturbating the following year after discovering internet porn. During this time, he also discovered BitTorrent technology.

In 2010, he torrented Kanokon as his first harem anime.

In May 2012, he started reading gay-ass Legend of Zelda fan fiction, realizing that he was an ass man. This confused him about his sexuality, erroneously believing himself to be homosexual for 4 years. In fact, he just wants to stick his penis in anyone with a nice ass.

At the time of this writing, he remains a virgin otaku NEET in his early 20's. He believes prostitution should be legal worldwide and would support the swinger lifestyle if married, seeking an IRL partner with the same attitude.

His waifu is Aldra from the legendary fetish anime Queen's Blade. He watched it the month before he joined MAL.

Note that he views a waifu as a representation of an ideal woman. Not a replacement.

Time on MyAnimeListEdit

The first 4 months, he was nearly inactive, getting moderated for topics that are better suited to blog posts. He also got into a fight with a fellow user in a Keijo!!!!!!!! Episode Discussion topic, proclaiming that he's gonna learn Japanese and fuck a Japanese chick. The exchange was deleted by a moderator and is undocumented.

He has no plans to watch Keijo!!!!!!!!, finding that an ass used as hammerspace for playing cards in one episode was a deal breaker. He likes asses to function like asses.

He carefully researches all anime he watches before watching it, looking at screenshots for appealing 2D grills and willing to spoil an ending so he's not let down.

After realizing his longtime internet "friends" were no friends at all, being the antithesis of his otaku self, he became a fulltime MAL shitposter and ran an aggressive campaign to acquire like-minded pervert friends.

Barely a day after a user in Forum Games told him about the Stats tab for anime and manga, wherein he could see the last 7500 users to update that anime or manga on their list, he was temp-banned.

He served a ban sentence of 5 days for calling a handful of users that trolled him shit and made this page about himself to pass the time.

He also made a shit list with only one user techinally not being on there because she (the user being Gracey) asked him to be on the list.

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