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Generally, a huge obnoxious One Piece fanboy, self admitted to being his favorite. Do not try to argue that with him, it will go nowhere and you have wasted your life away -as he does usually. Does not want to talk to you unless you have seen over 1000 anime, so you better start watching those music videos if you want to be noticed you filthy casual.

Career AspirationsEdit

IntroverTurtle has made public his goal of opening up his very own turtle shop, called Introver's Turtles. IntroverTurtle is a turtle enthusiast of all kinds, including tortoises and terrapins. He smartly understands that the demand for turtles these days is sky rocketing, and would love to capitalize by mixing pleasure with business.

Known EnemiesEdit

  • Time
  • People who doubts the authenticity of his huge anime list
  • Shitposters
  • Stories with competent writing
  • Bold fonts
  • Anyone with the good taste to realize that One Piece sucks.

Known KouhaiEdit

  • Rashkolnikov

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