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Added to the wikia because they were openly butthurt from not having a page on the old MAL wiki, having only been mentioned in Autocrat's page.

Formerly known as InfiniteRyvius and InfiniteRufus. They're probably the most British person on MAL with very English humour; meaning that usually nobody laughs. Being British, they often use heavy sarcasm when dealing with the droves of boorish MAL users. Currently studying physics at university with hopes to never continue the subject once they're done with the degree.

Apparently, he was promoted to a review moderator after doing some "mod work" for Kineta.

Interactions with Other UsersEdit

Infinite is a high-level psuedointellectual. This would make them a prime target for Katsucats, who would employ formal logic to crush their arguments.  Because Infinite is more capable than your average pseudointellectual, the debates would last much longer until they were defeated.  Infinite once defeated Katsucats in Autocrat's debate club, but only because Katsucats was given a logically unsound position to begin with.

Autocrat used to look at Infinite with antagonism until one particular thread, where a hint left by Infinite led to Auto 'discovering' Infinite was female during an argument. Auto's attitude to Infinite changed dramatically, as can be seen in the quotes below. The two continued to converse, and Auto pledged his love which resulted in a bit of drama (more on this issue on Autocrat 's page).

Infinite joined into the infamous group that is YLF but has not paid for the premium membership, even so they tried to fit in as best. It mostly worked, or so they like to think.

Infinite has a bad habit of leading on people who message them, be it people who complain at them due to his reviews, people who dislike their content on the forum, or people who wish to make Infinite their Waifu due to their charming personality. Infinite then posts these for other users to see in the hopes of entertaining them, showing that they really don't have anything better to do with their time. Several quotes are listed below. It's said that Infinite will usually share the relevant documents of the conversations if you press for them, if you cannot find them on the forum.

Quotes from Infinite's 'Conversations'Edit

"I will never hold bias against you, for you are the best woman I have ever met on the internet by far. I didn't know up until now and that's why it won't change a thing. You are an example to womenkind and you have changed me forever. I have learned of my pretentiousness and rectified it from you, you make my understand my arrogance too, all because of my experience with you. That might seem a littl efar'fetched, but I've been learning the whole time with you. I guess I learn by experience best.

I without a doubt consider you my equal. That is absolute. You have more humility, self-control and selflessness than the type of person you get get mispercieved as could ever hope for.

I want to get to know you InfiniteRyvius." 

- Autocrat: 16th November 2012

"I don't know if that fuckign cocky attitude you have is a joke or not, but it does not seem like it. I bet you consider yourself as quite an exceptional reviewer, right? Uhhhhh.... WRONG."

"I hate the fact that some people actually believe the immense amount of shit you are spewing. Anyway, I had to get that out. Please spare us from your worthless opinion in the future."

"You are seriously asking about the sarcasm? Don't give me bullshit. I can see your egotistical personality clearly shining through your idiotic remarks. It's no surprise you were out up for adoption. You should be able to relate to Kotoura right? Your parents and "friends" despise you. I don't blame them"

- An unknown user, as Infinite masked their identity under the name of Bob.

Infinite's CatchphrasesEdit

- Dump their body in the river

- Sounds legit.

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