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Immahnoob is an entity beyond our comprehension. He came into this world from another dimension; a lawless place where pedophilia is common practice and orange gorillas rustle each other's jimmies. No, not Brazil. After a cataclysmic event which was probably spawned from simultaneous sex with five newborns and three adolescents, he gained higher intelligence. He tried to assimilate into the orange gorilla society afterwards, but to his demise, they did not know a correct definition to almost anything and couldn't be bothered to read all his TV Tropes articles about media and wikipedia definitions of informal fallacies. Alas, he invented a dimension travelling thingy powered by his insatiable desire for children and came to Earth. He abandoned his orange gorilla wife and married Nicole instead. They're very tsundere for each other. He's currently retiring from the forums.

Immahnoob and DefinitionsEdit

As you might have noticed, Immahnoob is obsessed with definitions. It's quite disturbing, really. It became an issue in the orange gorilla society. The chief orange gorilla (COG) clashed with the chief purple gorilla (CPG) from another clan. CPG claimed purple would be a good colour to choose for the curtains on annual rustling of jimmies (ARJ). COG replied "Of course you'd say that, you're a purple gorilla," followed by a hearty HUEHUEHUE by the orange gorillas. Jimmies have been rustled. Immahnoob saw through this informal fallacy: "That's an ad hominem, here's a wiki article to explain that." Orange gorillas were appalled by this display of animosity towards one's kind and called him a heathen. Immahnoob was about to throw another wiki article to explain this informal fallacy, but the gorillas' HUEHUEHUEing was too much. He was banned from the ARJ, which rustled Immahnoob's jimmies so much that he decided to invent the dimension travelling thingy. To this day, he wakes up at night and beats Nicole for not knowing at least 10 perfect examples of a straw man argument. Deeply wants to fuck children, and is a known proud pedophile.

Things Immahnoob LikesEdit

  • Rustling Jimmies (mainly Autocrat's and Nicole's)
  • Children
  • Blatantly pretending to be a God of some kind
  • Arguing semantics for the sake of arguing
  • Children
  • Incest
  • Committing the "fallacy fallacy" (he cares more about fallacies than whatever you say)

Miscellaneous FactoidsEdit

Got butthurt over not becoming a mod, but apparently came to some kind of agreeement with Kineta after the fact.

Likes to say Bloodcalibur is all around us, a natural part of the world.

Is/has written a book, still no ETA on when it will be published.

Constantly whines about how great General Discussion was. He's right though.

If he stops responding to you with walls of text, you've defeated god himself.

On the ForumsEdit


Immahnoob's introduction thread.

Admitting wrong noobers

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