Once upon a time, certain website owners and their staff took more time to return the once again disabled IMG than it takes for a Parkinson's patient to count a bowl of popcorn kernels. The user known as NTAD had constructed a series of satirical videos using scenes from Yuru Yuri, re-subbing them and making blatant changes slight adjustments to the character names.

As it stood, by the time the lack of IMG was approaching month 10, the plea seemed to have been useless...but NTAD remained steadfast and dedicated to dragging Crave and Xinil through the mud being the voice of IMG for all of MALkind. He, along with user PDot19, had insisted on putting the pleas in their sigs, in hopes of having an impact on IMG codes, only to bear the harsh taste of reality.

With the return of IMG-kun, one could argue that the plea seems to have been successful.....yeah, probably not, but it was still a fun ride.

Current Pleas (Because Wikia hates Tinypic and YT has lolcopyrights):

IMG Tag Plea

IMG Tag Plea v.2

IMG Tag Plea 2

IMG Tag Plea 3

IMG Tag Plea 4

IMG Tag Plea 5

IMG Tag Returns

IMG Tag Plea Redux

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