One of MAL's competitor websites, a popular safe haven for some banned MALers and former regular posters.

It can be used for tracking anime and recently also manga. The bigger concern should be the completion of the database however.

A house for all that is cancer, which is also trying hard to reach Casual Discussion levels. Just try talking about MAL in the forums and you will see the response. Once sucked into the abyss known as HB, there's no telling what kind of an impact it can make on an individual. Some users have been known to come back to MAL from HB more different than ever.

The alledgely "advantages" to MAL are "the friendlier community" and the fact that RWBY exists in the database.

Sources indicate that it inspired the movie "Children of the Corn". Those people are god-damn creepy.

tl;dr: Only good if you get banned for like two weeks.

What it's like to use HummingbirdEdit


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