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Access Rank War of the Four Horsemen
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Favorite Anime Macross Frontier
Previous Alias Houndthree, Maor, Herlock, YolozuyaSwagSon, Casval, Mastaplaya69

A hardcore WWE fan, he once confessed the reason being: "large sweaty men in underwear is the most entertaining". Most well known for his hay days of spamming "Sieg Zeon" in almost every single thread he entered (he's since calmed down almost entirely). A cardboard box prototype of a mecha junkie(BUT ACTUALLY AN IMPOSTOR). Once enquired why he wasn't considered for one of Superhand's "favourite MAL user" threads, forgetting that he spends most of his time in the forum games, he then went on to question the inclusion of other users who were selected ahead of him by listing some of them and asking "WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE, SERIOUSLY?", his anger though understandable was simply too full of butthurt for most people to process.

Considered to be the direct inspiration for "Herlock" of Lupadim's initial fanfic.

Forum Games ActivitiesEdit

Intelligence reports that Houndthree has launched a campaign to conquer Forum Games, aka the lawless sewages of MAL.  Not happy with being only a warlord, he began eliminating fellow ForumGamers and engaging in subterfuge by taking on their names.  However, he has yet to make a move against Chang, as they pay tribute to him by emailing him photos of themselves, allowing Houndthree to have even more more pictures of large, sweaty men in underwear.

Wiki PropagandaEdit

I wander the edge of the stars

People call me

Captain Harlock

Captain Harlock

Hoist the skull and crossbones flag

In a sea without tomorrow

Those voices sing,

'Go and live freely!'

Under my flag

Under my flag

I live freely

"Captain Harlock Dai Suki" -Lupadim

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