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Heredity otherwise known as dity, was one of the regular posters in Casual Discussion, annoying people by being silly and often perceived as one of the "kool kidz". Despite that, his avatar was pretentious enough for some to spark a public outcry from MAL forum regulars and received numerous personal mails and comments sent by unkwown stalkers to revert back to his original avatar. The actual contents of the mails were not disclosed to the general public but upon further inquiry, he said it involved giving out some of his finest chicken nuggets to oppress his naysayers.

Also, he is famously known for being the founding father of MALCOM wikia. His dream behind the wiki was to unite users to hold hands and have fun together, pretty fucking gay. The main reason why he holds a strong affinity towards Barnie & Friends, a popular American children's television series anime aimed at children from ages 2 to 5.


A relatively long-time member of MAL who hails from Australia and has seen many changes over the course of time. Due to the Great Recession, he had been absent from the MAL forums between the years due to poor sales in his fast food restaurant that specialises in selling chicken nuggets. Inevitably, he was forced to withdraw from MAL general community and had chosen to dedicate himself in sustaining his business. He came back in the year of 2014 and as expected, resume posting his usual antics of sarcastic comments and lowbrow humour in the MAL forums.

Casual DiscussionEdit

As one of the few level-headed regular posters of Casual Discussion, Heredity is the embodiment of balance in a forum strife with conflict among trolls, tyrant moderators, internet lawyers, pseudointellectuals, crackpots, violent Americans, feminists, Muslims, socialists, Lupadim, weaboos, and other groups of Casual Discussion.  Heredity is able to adeptly maneuver across the poly-faceted spectrum of activities on Casual Discussion, and can be seen undertaking a wide variety of activities from debating using walls of text, employing sarcastic wit and humour in strategically-placed quips, and even partaking in the extremely rare casual disucssion on the "Casual Discussion" forum.  Heredity's ability to go toe-to-toe in almost any environment is thought to have stemmed from a combination of the typical devil-may-care attitude of Australians and the fact that Heredity has a 3D girlfriend(citation needed), unlike the typical buttfrustrated anti-social MALers. Moreover, he considers people who take anime seriously as autistic and need to be avoided like the plague.

Noteworthy Interactions with Other UsersEdit

  1. Snaphat - Heredity is one of users known to repeatedly interact with the sketchy user, Snaphat.  Snaphat, a user who feigns innoculousness with a Winnie the Poop avatar but in reality is either a debate troll or a pompous pseudointellecutal, has been sighted using dishonest debate tactics to twist Heredity's arguments and following up with ad hominem.

Avatar ChangeEdit

It's perfect the way it is, never change it again.

It changed.

MALentine 2014Edit

Heredity entered MALentine 2014, and many people voted for him. Probably wouldn't have happened if people knew it was him.



Heredity and women.

Heredity's fetishes

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