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Favorite Anime Shinsekai Yori
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Hederick (or Heddie) is one of the many moderators Kineta introduced in May 2014. Rumoured to be from the dwarf planet Pluto, he has constantly been referred to as the cool mod only because he locks 1-3 less threads than his 24/7 NEET mod buddie Tyrel and has not achieved Tyranny status yet. His greatest achievement so far is banning 13 people in a selfie thread.

He has a tendency of going in semi-Hiatuses only to come back and raise hell around MAL Users and their most beloved threads.

A member of an archaic secret group called the YLF on MAL.

Probably awarded with his role as moderator for providing Luna and Kineta with a daily dose of Yaoi hentai/doujinshi, agreement that to this day, still faithfully continues.

Interactions with Other Users/ModsEdit

Red_Keys' favourite fuckbuddy, and (contrary to popular belief) Keys loves taking it up the ass. One time, they tried it the other way around. Only once.

sarroush and him have been spotted several times together hinting at the possibility of a secret behind-the-scenes relationship. Upon closer inspection it was determined he and sarroush are just friends with benefits who just loved to sync watch porn and review every video meticulously.

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