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Favorite Anime Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica
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Known as "everyone's Onii-chan" on MAL and loves to be referred to as such; he has the lifelong dream of acquiring a full-fledged harem consisting solely of his own imoutos. As a result he has gathered a quite devoted following of MAL users willing to get into his pants in order to get his attention. They even created a personal fanclub for him where they are constantly fighting over his love and affection.

He is also a self-proclaimed lolicon masochist who shamelessly gets off to the idea of being sexually abused by all the younger members of his so-called family. He claims to be very open-minded and willing to talk about basically anything, but this is clearly only a façade in order to lure people into stimulating his perverted side. Unfortunately this also makes him difficult to insult and reprimand for his behaviour as he'll only recieve pleasure from it instead.

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