Everyone loves Gracey.

The best FG girl.

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The most Amazingly obvious and brutal tsundere you will ever meet that has 4949 misspelled but otherwise flawless comebacks already written for you Before you even thought to reason or start an argument with her(the two being the exact same thing when it comes to Gracey).

She is known as the Best MAL user of 2016.

She likes to torture everybody in the FG and still manages to not get a ban. She also loves Nui Harime , Mettaton, and yaoi. In comment section she is very sweet and kind.

Gracey I love you and keep being you! Since your my favorite user of course!

Edit: Whoever wrote this obviously fell for the catfish, most likely [redacted[. It's ok guys, many have fallen before, and many will fall afterwards. -Update Nov 2017