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Favourite Anime Legend of Galactic Heroes

He is considered one of the smartest members of MAL, having a lot of knowledge in any area. It was said that he never lose a debate until his arrive to the forum. They call him the best Brazilian member of the forum, because he is the Brazilian that isn't a monkey and can actually speak English.

Girls that seen him IRL confirms that he is very pretty.

His main field is science computers and he openly states that he could take on anyone in a debate about it. He is seen owning Zergneedsfood every time.

Well-know elitist, that have his own set of rules. Was seen trolling and irritating casuals, and crazy fans. A very critical about anime stories and plot holes, he has an eagle eye to that kind of issue, people in general hate him, because he is seen criticizing anime every time. And when he tells the truth about animes, some fans goes crazy, they can't accept that their preferred anime sucks and their tastes are shit.

A friend from roriconfan, a Greek user that has been banned, because they have been caught telling the truth about animes to the plebs.


Goldslash arrived to MAL circa 2012, since then he owned a lot of people in debate.


  • Discussing

  • Quote chaining

  • Owning People

  • Preaching elitism

  • Pissing of fans

Know EnemiesEdit

  • Incest

  • Casuals

  • Serial Experiments Lain, Hourou Musuko & Madoka Magika.

  • Waifu/Husbando

  • Crazy fans

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