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Previous Alias 13lue

Go is one of the many cockroaches in the cesspool of Casual Discussion 2.0. Previously known as 13lue, he seems to have an obsession with short and "clever" names. Even though he was born with autism, he somehow managed to gain admin status in Cesspool 2.0. Using his potato-rage strength, he can beat up any other weaboo on MAL because he is a master of the ching chong fighting style, Muai Thai. One of the many faggots who loves deep anime like "Mushitshi" and "Gintama: Memes the Anime", he is well known for his intergalactic baiting skills. If you are a homosexual and are looking for some retards to have cyber-sex with on MAL, hit up Go. Using his tiny dick sensor, his anus already knew of your arrival before you did. Go is fascinated by exotic sexual activities such as sounding and the Dirty Sanchez, and doesn't give time to those who aren't capable of tearing him at least 5 new holes in a single love-making session.

Know more about Lue:

People usually avoid him on CD because they'll end up fucked as he got that John Cena never give up attitude, he's the literal abomination of society and the worst person on MAL. He was permanently banned 2 times on 4chan due to his extensive bullying as he made a guy cut his own finger, at a time he made some idiot do some anal fisting and he shared another user's sister pictures just so he could have fun. He's always doing good deeds to the community with his extremely terrible contributions but the one that stands up the most is that he made countless faggots quit MAL. We are thankful you, you fucking piece of shit. For the time of being he's probably the most intelligent user on MAL as he got a 100% debate win ratio, this faggot is pretty good.

Why he was called Lue?

As most of CD2 members, Lue earned his nickname thanks to Dokubachi's creativity.

Favorite Lue Quotes:

"lets make Rona admin"

"Place your manly hands on my ass, Dokubachi."

"If I die, I give all my belongings to Varista"

"Man I could sure use some lube right now, skype chat just started a call"

"g3t b81t3D byy tH3 b8 |\/|@5t3rrRRR!11!! h@H@Hh2ha!!!1"

"I'm a God."



" I wish I wasn't a fat boar. "

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