Your post count doesn't go up in Forum Games. Thank goodness.


Your post count now goes up in Forum Games. Great.


Your post count doesn't go up in Forum Games anymore. Thank goodness.

Regular UsersEdit

They play forum games on the Forum Games board, what did you expect? Though there are certainly many participants, some noteworthy ones include: Polychrome, Wyzdm, Houndthree, Hiryu12, Emnay, Reciprocal, Maor, Sloth_ThisNameSucks and _ultima_ (All being massive whores and sluts, whilst also consisting of an immense shit taste in possibly anything you can think of). Noteworthy for idiosyncrasies of baffoonery. Study on these creatures has identified several shared habits, such as: calling everyone faggots, looking down on everyone as being inferior due to having severe cases of S.T.I.M. (Shit taste in men), and downright malicious slander. These users have relatively high susceptibility for being banned for shitposting, spamming and quote towers. Tsudecimo is known to have a strong dislike to this group (akin to contempt for household pests), he has reputedly told them more than once to "stop spamming one-liners" in the games sub-section, as far as surveilance indicates they have neglected to heed to these warnings thus far - the tension continues!

Tsudecimo is now seen regularly participating in the Forum Games, most commonly found in threads such as 'Who has the best avatar out of the two posters above?' or 'Who has the best signature out of the two posters above?' as an attempt to fuel his narcissism and help him sleep at night. Every time the user below him chooses the other user instead of him, he weeps a little and goes to add another picture in his ever rotating signature full of shitty Bakemonogatari and Naruto pictures. What a loser.