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Join Date March 24, 2012
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Regular Board Anime Discussion
Favorite Anime Fate/Zero
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Forgetfulness is a casual forum user on MAL. As his username implies, he tends to forget things as seen in multiple threads where he posted the same reply twice in a similar thread. He even once admitted he forgot why his username was Forgetfulness, which came as no surprise to other users at that time.


Forgetfulness joined MAL on March 2012. He's a U.S. high school student that watches anime in his free time. His favorite anime are Fate/Zero and 5 Centimeters per Second. 

Recently though, Forgetfulness has been overwhelmed by real life stuff and hasn't been active on MAL

Activity on the forumsEdit

Forgetfulness usually posts in Anime Discussion, Series Discussion, and Casual Discussion. He is most often seen making uncontroversial posts and just browsing as an average forum poster does

Occasionally, he does get into heated discussions on the forums, especially with users that like to enthuse in fallacies

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