The day when Casual Discussion ran red with the blood of the board's greatest patriots. The board, experiencing widespread deterioration from both the user and moderator ends of the spectrum was spammed with nonsensical threads, all sharing a common theme - the words "For the Greater Good" in the title. The public opinion of this event was very positive, resulting in bustling activity on the board. It was organized in a secret club by a select few users. An in-depth documentation of the event provided by -Turnip- can be found here -

Events Leading Up to "For the Greater Good"Edit

Particularly throughout the later half of 2013, Casual Discussion experienced widespread deterioration in many areas, particularly in quality of topics and posts.  This deterioration stemmed from both the user and moderator ends of the spectrum, making Casual Discussion nothing more than a shadow of its Golden Ages.


Despite the overall degredation of Casual Discussion, there were those who respected the potential of this once great forum, and sought to purify it to restore its former glory.

Patriots Take ActionEdit

The founding members of the operation were Cigarette, Reciprocal, Asap and Feels. Through their efforts, they drafted several more users from MAL's ranks that they believed were fitting for the operation. Due to unforseen circumstances (and being fucking pussy bitch faggots), some of the users didn't attend the event.

Other users in the operation were DoctorDoom, Sloth_, YorozuyaGinSan Turnip, Dayuum, Goryo, Jaguer91, no_good_nameXVIIIEmnay, _ultima_, Neane1993_ and  others that have since been forgotten. Some of these didn't attend


A screenshot during the first minutes of the operation.


The public opinion of this event was highly positive.  The citizens of MAL welcomed the refreshing wave of ingenuity gifted to them by the patriots.  However, the moderation was outraged at such a powerful movement undertaken by the People, and wiped out the patriots.

Despite all of this, activity on the forum increased, and the Patriots will remain ever vigilant.