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He loves feels. Formerly known as Babyeater xD , Feels came to MAL from the land of /b/ to troll and spam. He quickly became the mod's least favourite user for his constant tip-toeing around (but mostly just breaking) the rules with his threads and posts, resulting in frequent bans and ultimately his departure from MAL. Mr. Feels has on more than one occasion said goodbye, but, he never quite leaves. Often coming back to spam in mass with more weak troll efforts, question him on this and he'll say "just let me get permabanned in peace", which some speculate is misleading as he most likely has nothing better to do. Likes to refer to himself as an "ancient" - whatever the fuck that means, apperently he is quite proud of temporary internet notoriety (for his shit threads) so that he thinks he's become an internet celebrity or something, such a deluded fool. Apparently he's quite a friendly and sensitive little guy behind the petty facade he has going on. His humour is god damn dry man, and the thing is he actually thinks he's funny, haha no. Also one of the perpetrators behind the For the Greater Good event.

Relationships With UsersEdit

A known associate of his is known to be XVIII, who presumably continues his legacy as a former student.

A mutual understanding for bullshit was formed between him and Asap, though far too late into his trolling days, so their partnership wasn't very fruitful.

Just about any active troll or shitposter on MAL had something to do with him.

Feels's ThreadsEdit


An example of a Feels thread.

They ranged from discussing dinosaurs and waifus to dolls used as substitutes for an inanimate partner, yes very lame shit. Filled with spam and trolling in a matter of seconds, they were the the yin of CD's threads - no lives like to say. The OPs were always very in-depth and well-thoughtout for someone with the intellect of an infant. Some of them so long, it took the mods 5 pages of spam to read them until the end before locking.

Where is he now? Edit

Trolling and spamming on Hummingbird obviously