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Previously known as Gekishin, who was before WatchingYouPost, who in turn is actually PartyPeasant who was known before as AngryPeasant. Claims to be a girl from the future when he is actually a seventeen year old virgin like everyone else on MAL. He was butthurt over the fact that Nerveri had a wiki page while he didn't, so Nerveri made one for the ungrateful prick.

Aviidly watches hentai and has read a fair share of hentai doujins. If you need evidence his list is private.

Since his early days he has developed a devoted hobby of reading gay vampire fantasy novels.

He has quite the peculiar relationship with the user Pup (who he has converted to this fetished fervour for homosexual vampire love) which can be explained through weekly Skype video chats in which they read especially raunchy softcore bits to each other until mutual climax is attained, with the aid of sharpie-like objects.

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