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EmeraldRosary is an omni-present female forum-gamer on MAL. She is most well known as the winner of the Count Over to 9000 thread.

Unfortunately, for her,  Emerald has gained many enemies as a result of her victory in the counting thread. These individuals seek to de-throne the crazy counting Queen and will stop at nothing to do so. 

The list of revenge-seekers include CupQuake, leader of Cookies and Cream Army. Kittyn, leader of the Cats > Dog Army. And finally, WhiteMarauder, leader of the White Marauders.  

She's so nice to everyone all the time. But this is just a front for her less than gentle personality behind closed doors. 

Projects Edit

While she isn't counting she is working on various ambitious projects. The ones that she is most famous for are:

Tsuki no Kiss - The aim of the project is to collect every single anime kiss for research purposes. The project has some enemies that try to remove her videos and capture her but with the support of her fans she keeps fighting.

How I Met You - A personal project dedicated to her most notorious supporters. This project actually has a secret purpose which contains all of her connections to the mafia and criminal underworld. Every kind of criminal imaginable is located on the list ranging from Mob boss MellowJello, drug dealer HaXXspetten, and Team Rocket Leader Cold_. 

Interests Edit

What she likes the most are the rainbows, especially the green ones. She also has a deep childhood obsession with counting things and can always be found in one of the various counting threads. 

She is a hard-core gamer and is the biggest Chrono Trigger fan you will ever see. Reports indicate that she has played the game over 9000 times and has been sighted at numerous anime conventions cosplaying as Marle, Ayla and Lucca. 

In addition, she is a hard-core poke-nut seeing as Pokemon is listed as one of her favorite anime. She has been allegedly known for engaging in the illegal practice of Eugenics where she breeds pokemon with perfect IVs and kills off inferior specimens.  

Have an unhealthy obsession towards chocolates. Yeah...........

Dark Past Edit

Her obsession for counting stems from an incident that happened with her older brother, over 7 years ago where her brother illegally robbed a bank at gunpoint.

Afterwards, her brother forced Emerald to count all the loot, and the experiencing has imprinted itself into the mind of this unstable young maiden.

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