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A user who genuinely tries to be nice, and witty, but used to unintentionally make undeserved insulting comments when she forgets that there's many pages on a forum, and that the last comment on the first page isn't actually the most recent comment.

Ran out of message space a while ago and now replies and has direct conversations with other users only via comments_ can't get rid of hoarder tendency, and thus, unfortunately, can't join FAL.

Used to play Forum Games a lot, until they got sort of repetitive (whoops, was that another unintentional insult? I She apologizes in advance to all who love posting repeatedly even though they already have a pretty good idea of what anime they should watch from their PTW list or what other users think of them.)

Occasionally goes on Casual Discussion, but never really comes back, so can't really say "discusses" anything there.

Often posts on News Discussion, if only there were more news...

Checks the Recommendations Forum very too often, but doesn't post too much, because she only really posts on threads that have no replies (and, if feeling good, ones that have one reply). Usually qualifies her responses to decrease responsibility with a disclaimer. But don't hesitate to ask her for recs: She probably spends as much time researching anime as watching it.

Strange Behaviour Edit

einonymous is known for acting weirdly compared to the rest of MAL the world's population. These actions can be separated into three different categories:

1. Love for spoilers:

"Yes, gasp all you want, but I love spoilers. Books, anime, anything. I like to make sure that I like what's going on and I won't be confused, so I look up episode plots on Wikipedia and read them beforehand. I also look up characters on wikis right when I meet them. I like to plan out my anime, so much of my time is spent researching rather rather than watching anime." - einonymous

Many people have failed in understanding this decision, some of them even vanished. Up to this day, no person has been able to comprehend this reasoning. After all, nobody wants to be spoiled as it genuinely worsens one's anime-viewing experience. Thus, it can be concluded that einonymous is, in fact, a robot with no feelings.

2. Affinity towards shorts:

In order to conceal the fact that she doesn't watch many anime, einonymous decided to start a specials/OVA/ONA/movie marathon. This way, she looks like an experienced anime watcher while she actually doesn't know shit. Thankfully, this fact is revealed by looking at her "Time (Days)" stat where it says that she has merely seen 34 days worth of anime. Once this number reaches 100, she can finally be considered a person one can take seriously.

3. Rating system:

"I like to stay positive, so I like to think that there's always going to be a better anime, so I never give 10s. I also never give anything 5 or below because I believe there are no bad anime." - einonymous

There is so much wrong with this statement, I don't even know where to begin. Thankfully, only educated anime viewers attend this elite wiki so everyone should be able to understand the problem without needing an explanation.

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