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Eggroll (aka Nerveri) is a 15 year-old Korean boy who frequents the CD forums and CC, infecting the wretched with his kawaiiness. He often likes to leave snarky and/or condescending rhetorical questions for retarded people who ask retarded questions.

As of June 2015, he has been trying to impersonate another rather popular poster, Senpai. Is he convincing everyone? Maybe.

Little is known about his personal life other than the fact that he is very young, Korean, and likes to curl his eyelashes and show them off to his online friends. He also used to have a dog, but since about a month ago, has gone missing. RIP.

He is a dumbass slut who wants Flume's attention. He uses the name 'Eggroll' just to get Flume's attention. Clearly a thirsty hoe. Gross.

Goes by 'okies' now and has some weird obsession with bees.

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