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Join Date August 14, 2016
Access Rank Regular Drunkard
Approx. Post Count 50
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User ID Unknown
Regular Board Forum Games
Favorite Anime Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
Previous Alias DunkyDory
Thanks to accidentally getting(a lot of Whiskey into his system) some Chemical X into his name one time, his MAL username transformed from DunkyDory to DrunkyDory - but as this is more accurate, it will probably stay that way. This drunkard may be Canadian but in fact he is not your friendly little neighbour Dory, actually, he is very little, as his height might be measured to be the same as one of vriskabell's dream corgis. This eloquent fish dreams of being a detective in his next life, as in his current one he is destined to be adored by multiple people from the internet and get drunk every other hour he is awake. He can and will judge you and this text that I have written. His real name is -beep- and he has been in a threesome with Robert Downey Jr and Galathea.

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