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DoctorDoom is a semi-regular poster. He's one of those "kewl kidz", as Heredity would call them, that just hang out on CD and don't really care much.


He's the founding father of the Anigoatarianism. A religion focusing on objective rating of anime achieved through sacrificing rituals. The process is as follows:

1. Get a Chinese goat.

2. Put the torrent of the anime you wish to be rated on a CD.

3. Bring both of them to Tokyo.

4. Climb on top of Mount Takao and in the Buddhist temple located there, draw the kanji for "kawaii" on the ground with the goat's blood.

5. Sever the goat's head and put the CD in its mouth.

6. Place both in the center of the kanji.

7. Pray for the revival of Satoshi Kon for 3 days and 3 nights.

8. Realize that what you're doing is fucking retarded.

9. Go home and assign the anime an arbitrary number.

10. Commit Sudoku.


DoctorDoom rustling Lupadim's jimmies.

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