A derailer is an user specialized in derailing pages. He will always go off-topic, which leads other users to go off-topic, thus, generating a huge off-topic discussion. Those users are the weakest types of trolls , and they always get banned, all thanks to the mods.

The DerailersEdit

The Derailers were a club formed in early 2013 centered around the more notorious of thread derailers. Membership in this club was initially seen as a symbol of status, hosting a multitude of users such as: Holybaptiser, JovooTavor, Nope, Asap, Negative-Travis, Neane1993_Litrydow, CandorMellowJello, Koleare and JavierR among others. Eventually the club itself was derailed into a social chat club no different from any other, the derailing has long since ceased.