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Join Date Aug 3, 2014
Access Rank Extreme Masochist
Approx. Post Count 1179
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User ID Unknown
Favorite Anime Tenshi no Tamago
Previous Alias ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Background Edit

Without a capital d, demonskul777 is also known as demonskul, demon, Sparkly, Witchy, Jürgen, Joachim and that one edgy masochist with low self-esteem. He is from Belgium and is a very cute, sensitive and kind person. It is very fun to roleplay as demon as he is a very-edgy-in-a-lewd-way user. Please step on him gently.

History Edit

Demonskul777 in an attempt to make Forum Games fun again, made a thread in which users had to act like Gracey - "Act like Gracey". Everyone was having great fun, including Gracey, until an unknown salty MAL moderater decided to ban him. The thread was probably reported by a user known as IpreferEcchi. Afterward demonskul777 realised that the MAL punishment system was very bad, and vowed to remain eternally salty.

Oliemaar, in honor of his dear friend, decided to make a second thread and provoked the mods, which resulted in a ban for him too.

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