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Dankickyou is secretly a boyish asian shota who takes obsessive interest in Godzilla, Superman, Muay Thai and all things military. Anyone who sees any of his posts on CD will quickly learn of his lifelong loves, for that is all he usually talks about.

When not educating or arguing about these interests of his, he occasionally gets involved in derailing and shitposting, but never enough to attract mod attention, presumably because he's afraid of getting banned like a pussy.

Due to his knowledge of various countrie's military, he became known as the Defender of Le French after he informed someone that France's military record was actually rather good, and that they weren't a bunch of faggot surrender monkeys. This claim did not go down with the MAL masses, and they persecuted him for his heresy. The topic of the French remains a sore point to this day.

Another topic which will forvever remain sore is the Superman vs. Goku debate which has plagued the forums too many fucking times by people who will argue this to death. Since MAL is an anime forum, his opinion that Superman would win is incredibly unpopular, causing people to accuse him of wanting Superman's D in his anus. Such claims have not yet been verified.

His avatar will always be Godzilla in some form, a distrubing break from the norm of kawaii little girls. The only conclusion is that he has the hots for Godzilla. Hints to an urge for bestiality with Godzilla have been dismissed. Dankickyou is also Aylaine's senpai and generally finds her lewdness to be 2lewd4him, for he is 2pure4her. 

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