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Damastah is considered to be a "regular poster". Such titles are meaningless to him however, as he has bigger goals in mind. To reference this, there are a lot of times where he has stated about something trivial to him that "it'll only serve to give me more yuetsu in the end."

About damastah Edit

From what is known of him by the general populace, he is a relative and somewhat avid forum-goer. Most people would recognize him as the guy who utilizes these two stickmen smilies(see below) as a counter to the outdated "[sic]ghetto af lenny crud" emoticon used by a lot of the other denizens of MAL. Damastah's presence is most prominent in Casual Discussion, Series Discussion(See "The Salt Club"), and the club known as "Casual Discussion 2.0".[1] Damastah states on his MAL profile that IRL details of himself can be read on his bio page on the site "".


The so-called "stickmen smileys utilized by damastah.

Yuetsu Edit

What is yuetsu? Many times has this questioned been asked whenever damastah enters certain threads and posts within them. The meaning of the term yuetsu, is something you will have you figure out for yourself. Therefore cling to your worldly beliefs, continue to delude yourself into whatever farce you have entrapped yourself into. For that shall be your fuel to strive, it shall serve as your requiem. But in the end, it'll all serve to only give damastah more yuetsu in the end.[2]

The Salt Club Edit

Damastah usually is present as well in the Fate /stay night subforums, whether it be DEEN's atrocity or ufotable's newfangled stuff. As well as partaking in general nasuverse discussions, damastah usually gets his bucket of popcorn ready whenever Fai(now known as CookingPriest) and Ssjokg(now known as othi-tan) duke it out.[3] Fai leads what is known as the "Salt Club" faction, or those who are competent enough to dissect any flaws a nasuverse adaptation may have when compared to the source material. Ssjokg on the other hand leads the faction that just praises anything done by ufotable(in Fai's eyes anyway).

"The change" Edit

Due to reasons that cannot be leaked to the public currently, let it only be known that damastah will spearhead a MAL project known as "The change".

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