• The tightest alliance in biblical history. Introduced with The Book of Revelation in the New Testament but not officially formed until 2/16/15 where they united to beat down the competition in a battle of attrition and restraint. The horsemen, however, allowed themselves to drop from the ranks of the competition, commending the determination they saw come forth from their opposition. In later inscribed history, it is known that the horsemen have come to win both Death Note and Code Geass games, and have ranked very highly in the first MALwide chess tournament.

Horsemen of the First Heaven Edit

Date Edit


The all knowing and benevolent ruler of the Four Horsemen. He has created the A list superstars and made them what they are today. Date is unparalleled in every aspect and many historians would argue that after mastering every trade known to existence he has become jaded and blasé towards the painstakingly slow development of a better tomorrow.  

Conquest Edit


The ambitious and all powerful member of the horsemen. Growing up, he was a sailor, faring the vast expanses of the seven seas for treasures unappreciated by humanity. He is busy subjugating distant empires abundant in the sea of stars yet unseen to the untrained rabbles eyes. He has no time to spare on petty conflict but is known to break the backs of weaker foes with hopes of refining their folly into true character. The weak consider him to be a philistine because he holds no vested interest in works of the past as he seeks only to create a better tomorrow.

War Edit


The cruel and dominant member of the horsemen. Like Conquest, he spends his time crumbling nations and forcing world superpowers into submission, making them bow in his wake. War is the most powerful heel, and has no tolerance for immoral acts of paedophilia. The only beauty War has every immersed himself in is that of the sea of stars, as nothing else has the power to truly captivate his interest.

Famine Edit


The laziest member of the horsemen. He is the only member to not be considered an A list superstar as he does not have the dedication or motivation to keep up with the other horsemen. Famine's lack of enthusiasm has been known to cripple many weak willed foes and his presence alone can drain the motivation from even the greatest of the B list.

Death Edit


The frail and enigmatic member. He presides over the realm of the dead, passing judgement over the broken of back. He lacks any form of sentience and as such can not be harmed by the wills of the weaker beings veiled only by scraps of flesh. While his bones appear evidently brittle, they have survived through countless supernovas and are reinforced by the backbones of each and every dweeb the horsemen have disposed of in their steel lockers.

Ckan Edit

The phantom fifth horseman. While his acts of support go unseen and ofttimes unappreciated, he is the glue that holds the team together and without him they would not be able to go on conquesting the sea of stars. He does not ride out with his fellow horsemen in humanities time of need so even to the rabble his presence has never been recorded in history.

Service of the Seventh Heaven Edit

Sufferance Edit

A figure of MAL history, Sufferance appears in multifarious accounts. The interpretations of his figure often contradict–in most he appears in the aspect of a bear, but sometimes as a wolf coming out of a man's neck–but interpretation is magnanimous through that very contradiction. In all of the the grand historians records there is one unequivocal certainty: his is the amble to break rhythm.

Affiliates Edit

Cigarette Edit

Flume Edit

Flume is learned in the New Modern Critical Sensibility OVER LATE NIGHT OTAKU RABBLE FULL BURNERN. Of distinction and discerning character, he is quick to train the phantom five hands of the END.

Satoshi Edit

Satoshi is the reluctant horseman. While he receives the call to herald END all the same, he aspires to be an ordinary school boy. He is abashed by the finer things of the apocalypse, particularly their spandex regalia. He doesn't adorn the green of his fiber to pursue Date's directive but only to his own end, facing mirrors. Even his name bears humiliation, and he has staged an END of his own to extirpate its memory.

Polychrome Edit

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