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A shitposter that came back to MAL after a long hiatus, or so he keeps telling us. Apparently he thinks counting bans means something significant, but it really doesn't. It is widely assumed that he loves soap, but is yet to elaborate further.

Almost all of what he posts is absolute garbage, but it strangely seems to attract posters of roughly similar 'quality', usually culminating in some kind of unholy matrimony between Spider-Man and futa.

His hate for necroposts barely rivals that of the Bronies, a sinister extra-government faction that briefly tried to invade Games, Computers & Tech Support in 2011. It is fabled that he, alongside Baman, managed to successfully ward off the attacks, resulting in heavy bans to the enemy force, but nobody really knows for certain; it could just be yet another one of his junk diatribes.

He recently professed his love for Feels, considering him to be some kind of primordial being.

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