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He's like a masterful little trickster, clicking his shiny heels and snapping his long fingers whenever he posts, with a playful smile on his face and it's always oh, so magical.


The pseudo-prophet of MAL. Reminds people daily in the overrated/underrated thread that Ping Pong is underrated in large font and a strange color. Some people argue that the color of the font is disgusting, but if you have aquired an eye for aesthetics from Hyouge Mono, you will appreciate its value.

Unfortunately, his rather unique demeanour are frankly annoying as pointed out by some users.


Being a prophet, Ckan managed to convert Sung-Hwan spaghetti wired mind to his side. A feat that no other MAL users are capable of to achieve or even bothered to achieve in the first place.

They can been seen exhanging comments on their respective profiles.

In Popular CultureEdit

Ckan has become a family name through a number of the creative corner "MALfics". His roles include, but are not limited to:

On the ForumsEdit


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