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Join Date December 8, 2015
Access Rank Member
Approx. Post Count 500+
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User ID 666
Regular Board Anime Discussion, Anime Series Discussion
Favorite Anime Fate/Stay Night
Previous Alias Unknown
A hypocrite, edgelord, and pretentious SJW who claims to be a feminist but dislikes Utena, which makes her status as a feminist very questionable. She also claims to like Legend of the Galactic Heroes, probably just to make MAL users thinks that she has a good anime taste but she still can't hide her pathetic anime taste by her 10/10 rating on Sword Art Online. She also notorious to spread negativity towards others, saying that everyone was sarcastic towards her and attack them with wall of texts crazily. Her favorite characters is Matou Sakura, probably because she was actually a rape victim and wanted to kill her rapists like Sakura, but she just can't. She is probably a hardcore fujoshi too.

If you found her at the forums, just bash her, leave her hate comments or post a gruesome pics of Sakura in her profile.

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