The chat thread prostitutes. They're like a litter of stray and abandonded puppies that were discarded from the rest of MAL in the earlier days because they couldn't assimilate. To put it frankly: no one like them, beings mutts and mongrels after all. Having no lives they nonetheless opted to stay on MyAnimeList and sought refuge in the chat thread, which was fine and dandy, for a while. Problems arose when MAL started getting more strict on spamming and the general attitude of fucking around that was prevalent at the time, which resulted in others (relatively more normal people) looking for a safe shitposting haven - they found stern resistance there though - them still being butthurt from not being accepted for the faggots they were. They now guard this little thread for dear life, afraid they will once again be discarded into the trash for just being their unlikable selves. It's highly suggested to go troll them. Also, ironically, they now have become so bored of themselves they can barely keep a semi-lively chat going for more than 5 minutes and the fact that newcomers are systematically hounded out means it has in effect become a graveyard thread. Riprip.

The Term ChangEdit

There used to be two chat threads when Spam was still around. They merged them into one and Chang was one of the temporary names for the thread until the mods settled on Chat.

- starrysky

How to Get into ChangEdit

Most new people get tired of putting up with our shit and leave on their own. Every now and then when someone can take it they're accepted into the fold. Others, obviously even if they can take it are still not accepted because their personality just doesn't mesh with ours. Case in point: Chili. He takes everything so fucking seriously that he just can't get along with members who primarily shitpost.

- starrysky

It's an unspoken process I guess. There's no real way to tell who will be accepted and who won't be.

- starrysky

The daily life of Chang

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