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Once, a certain forum user claimed that his avatar is actually a phallic symbol. Cabacc2 replied in the usual manner: "your face is a phallic symbol"

That being said, his replies are always terrible and stupid. He can't think of anything good enough to write and thus ends up shitposting instead.

He stands for a mix of utilitarianism, scepticism, egoism and stupidism. Cabacc2 embraces the lack of logic and derailing discussions. Also, he's an extremely bored individual with a terrible taste in music and anime.

He's known to post the most useless of replies, such as "I have no opinion" or "Never heard of it" to topics he's not familiar with. What's the goddamn point?

Also, he likes to edit his Forum-posts a 100 times, just to confuse the crap out of everybody.

The nameEdit

The name "cabacc2" has no meaning, he couldn't think of anything deep for his name.

Pseudonyms of cabacc2 are "Railey" & "Cabbage", or "Banal".

Irrelevant informationEdit

October 2003
Pyongyang, North Korea

January 14, 2014

The AvatarEdit

Forget the crap about the avatar being "the kingdom tower in Jeddah, whatever". It is in fact a phallic symbol. Choosing to use pics of phallic symbols is often a sign of latent homosexuality.

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