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BryanBossling (formerly known as JennyEsquire and commonly referred to as Jenny) is an Australian.


Morrissey, the unfaithful husbando.

ByranBossling would normally just be another Casual Discussion user. Hower, upon joining MAL as "JennyEsquire", he posed as a girl and put up pictures of attractive woman in his profile, claiming himself to be those women.

This ploy was the thing necessary to attract the droves of thirsty maggots of MAL.  Jenny amassed a sizeable following - at the time only eclipsed by that of MellowJellow - which he lured into a fan club.

Jenny's ploy held up for a while, until the predator turned into the prey of DanielCook.  DanielCook, who was also posing as someone else, conned Jenny, who was under the assumption that DanielCook would keep his lips sealed, into revealing that "Jenny" was actually a strange white boy.  DanielCook instead immediately compiled screenshots into overwhelming empirical evidence and released it all over MAL, forcing Jenny to publicly announce the chicanery.

Jenny's popularity subsequently collapsed, a backlash spearheaded by SolviteSekai, who always called Jenny a man to begin with.  Jenny was terrified of BloodCalibur finding out, as BloodCalibur gave Jenny his seal of approval to join his harem. Now, with a constant influx of new users unaware of past events, BryanBossling is only known as the guy with the strange forum avatars.  All that remiains from days passed is BryanBossling's detariorating fan club, in which prideful users chose to stay in order to save face to the fact that they were a bunch of thirsty MALers who were badly tricked.


Promoting eugenics

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