Ban message


Permanent bans are actually 38 years long, so if you're gay you can wait this long for your unban.

A ban is applied mostly by the sniper haha. Once you are banned, you can't access MAL, you won't even be able to check your anime list. MAL has a really poor structure when it comes to bans, so the ban will be in practice permanent and you will have to wait for a mod to unban you when the time comes. Beware fellow MAL users, mods in 2018 have become more salty, and more bitchy. Tread carefully young ones, for those with power will swiftly put you down.

Dealing with your banEdit

Go to the IRC and try to have a mod unlock for you. They most likely won’t. Ardy is ruthless and has taken on the role of neo-sniper. Nolifersoul is ruthless with his ban you’ll never be able to convince him to release you even if you got banned on for something you did a few days ago and you haven’t been online until the day you got a ban on. Like shit man, I spammed on fucking Thursday but you ban me for a week on Sunday like shit man. And I haven’t even been on since Thursday either so like what fuck man.

Ban Length Edit

Each ban gets longer than the last, and it becomes permanent after a number of bans. According to the site forums and guidelines, rule violations will be handled as follows:

  • Warning for each “type” of violation
  • Ban #1-4 (for each type of “violation”) lasts between 2-5 days. You can try appealing these, but it’s highly unlikely the mods will listen.
  • Ban #5: lasts 1 week for repeated offenses that the user was previously banned for. No chance at appealing them. If you couldn’t appeal a two-day ban, you’re shit outta luck with a weeklong ban.
  • Ban #6: 2 weeks. Good luck getting rid of this one.
  • Ban #7: 1 month. Deep down the rabbit hole if you’ve made it this far.
  • Ban #8: 38 Years (6 months until appeal). Usually, almost no one makes it here, unless they’re using alts or have otherwise been very very naughty. In the case of basement dwelling fags like Alitairus, they earned their permaban, some other permabanned users like trolling through alts.

Sudden (unreasonable) bans. Edit

This occurrence usually happens when a (perma)banned user is using an IP near your proximity. MAL's system is so broken it can't decide whether it's you or just goes on a sniping trip. The way websites work is also by tracking device "names" therefore more people with iPhones/Windows operating systems are more likely to get hit with the hammer.

I honestly don't know what the fuck I'm talking about LOL I'm high.

Losers with most bans.Edit

  • The mods are a bunch of fucking babies, enough said.
  • complice - 16 bans (too fucking many with alts probably over 100) (mostly for making alts during ban durations, trolling)
  • Zeally - 15 bans (trolling, possibly making alts)
  • Red Keys - 14 bans
  • Immahnoob- 12 bans (trolling)
  • Asap - 11 bans
  • shotz - 11 bans
  • Aquamirror - 9 bans (Neonazi, antisemitism, racism, homophobia, insults, baiting, pissing off mods). this idiot won't shut the fuck up on the Malcolm wiki itself, he should just stop disturbing the decent people... you know all your bans were fucking deserved so shove your fucking complaints up your anal passageway and go back to /pol/ you faggot
  • Feels - 9 bans (15 with alts) (permabanned)
  • MechaKiryu- 9 bans
  • Lupadim - 8 bans
  • AllenVonStein - multiple bans (permabanned)
  • Dave1488 (some illiterate neo-nazi with piss poor English) - permabanned
  • Alitairus (neo-nazi who harassed multiple users, anyone who disagreed with him was a target for his harassment and frequently posted holocaust denial threads) - permabanned. Presumably operating under alt account Polarc (soon to be banned again!)
  • JD2411- 7 bans
  • Kaiser - 6 bans (almost all unfair bans)
  • Sloth - 5 bans (12 with alts)
  • Mclovinballz - 5 bans (7 with alts)
  • Nidstang (YolozuyaSwagDad) - 5 bans
  • Korrvo - 5 bans
  • Dean_Ambrose - 5 bans
  • Negative-Travis - 5-6 bans
  • Bash 107 - 5 bans (perma'd, yes it only took him 5)
  • nicethings - 5-6 bans (trolling, baiting, insults, pissing off mods, and being a huge fucking bipolar cunt)
  • Swaggernator - multiple bans (unspecified) (racism, homophobia, baiting, NSFW forum sets, pissing off mods)
  • Eight Man - unspecified number of bans, nearing perma (metric ton of racism, harassment)
  • Yomiyuki - approximately 7-8 bans (racism, baiting, pissing off mods) (self-hating Latino dickweed, friends with racists, won't stop whining about his bans, you deserved them faggot)
  • Faederwulf - multiple bans (unspecified) (creepy, misogynistic nazi, huge racist, generally disgusting) (left the site seemingly, but is likely operating under alt account, handle unknown, because let's face it, Nazis never stop spreading their filth, they just use their shitty Tor browsers to change their IP and make alts since they live in their moms basements and don't have actual lives)
  • Harshtruth - 4 bans (trolling, insults, pissing off mods)
  • OnegaiSensei666 - 4 bans (picked up fight with few moderators that stalked him, got banned few times cause of his 18+ gifs and trolling/insulting)
  • Illusion123chan - Unknown bans (Found his MAL wiki page and someone deleted him so imma just put it here, while im putting myself in here)