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Cynic. Writer. Harem Master.

With over 110 harem titles under his belt, Baileyy likes to refer to himself as a professional on the subject. He is the writer of two of MAL's MALfics, Battle Academy MAL and MAL Saga Online. Baileyy spent his earlier days trolling the threads, but stopped because he believed Rodac was stalking him. Commonly referred to as HappyMask or Goh, Baileyy is known to be a baiter when bored, and usually targets One Piece or Toradora fans. In the end, he is simply a guy that has a lot of free time.

He is fond of his titles, not only God of Harem, but also the saviour of MAL, though the second one is just a running joke with another user, so not many people actually realize he's kidding. Baileyy isn't too well known in relation to other users, and if he were to leave, he would be remembered mainly for his MALfics.

He also played a noteworthy role in Kibura Iburasa's MALfic: MAL High.

Relationships With Other UsersEdit


Back in late 2013 when God of Harem was still named HpyMaskSalesman, Baileyy and emeraldrosary would jokingly roleplay Happy Mask Salesman and Hero of Time conversations.

Kibura IburasaEdit

Gave Baileyy tips on creative writing and ultimately inspired him to write a MALfic.



Goh's EndeavourEdit

On February 7th 2014, Goh's IRL counterpart (who we shall call X for security reasons), made a life changing decision. After years of solitude and anguish, hanging on by a single thread of sanity, X decided to travel around Australia alone. 17 years old, with no family or friends, with only a bicycle, a tent, access to public transport, and a fuck-tonne of money, X gave away his home to a stranger, skulled his first beer, and left on a journey to "Find himself." X has since travelled more than 1000 kilometers.


"The 95 year-old woman next door was the closest thing I had to a mother. Sadly, she was arrested for cooking drugs in her toilet today. I suppose I'll raid her cupboards for snacks tonight."

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