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A relatively new user who has fantasies that she started the MAL fanfictions and made them popular.  Due to the fact that MAL has a large population of dumbasses, many people believe her claims and White Knight her.

She is highly fond of complaining about her social life despite making no effort to improve it.

She is a member of a circlejerk of irrelevants users and bases all her MALfictions on said circlejerk.

She is actually male and doesn't fool anyone.

Besides writing a fanfiction, she is no more than your average MALer - pseudointellectual, poor debater, creator of mediocre topics, etc.  With regards to her topics, her delusional nature onces again rears its ugly head, as she believes that her topics are the antidote to, rather than the unsightly blemishes of, Casual Discussions deterioration.  It is not uncommon for her to use Michael Bay movies to serve as the foundation for the philosophical and geo-political ideas in her topics, and cannot handle when an loser, no-life internet lawyer floods her topic with walls of text of organized arguments.

Kibura also writes a MALfiction - a series of fanfictions that use regular posters as characters; she argues with Lupadim as to who started the MALfiction movement and whose are better.  These debates, however, never get anywhere due to the fact that they both didnt start it and they are both sub-par compared to other homegrown works.

Finally, Kibura is also the self-proclaimed (once again, delusional) MAL shipper, but usually picks the worst pairings due to being a mediocre user.

Relationships With Other UsersEdit


Kibura developed a hatred for RandomChampion after she found out that he authored her page.  The two now feud.


"Brah, bro, broseph, broasuarus, I know you're still suffering from that thread (apparently) just take the advice that your attempt to do funny profiles was a failure and that you got confused about what exactly you were writing about half way through and I dunno.

Better luck next time? take a comedy class? Ah you'll figure it out sport, I was never much good with advice."


MAL High  - Set in a highschool with MAL personalities as characters - death and dismay

Romance in the lands of MAL  - a yaoi fanfic

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