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A mod that can't lock threads or warn users. His only function is to ban. He is a sniper mod (The best kind of mod), and if you become a threat to the MAL forums, you will be taken down, maybe by him, or maybe by other sniper mods.

Heredity's ProfileEdit

Heredity once had a screenshot of a PM from Aversa as his About Me, put there to replace the old About Me Aversa had removed due to someone getting offended. It was the topic of much laughter due to its poor wording, and eventually lead to Kineta introducing the 'no posting of PMs in the forum or on profiles' rule.

Worst actionsEdit

He was the one to lock the "MALCOM: The MAL Community Wiki"-thread. Rumors say, Heredity cried for 5 hours straight and broke all of his plates after that.

Grief stricken from the thread being closed, Heredity eventually ended up commiting suicide. In his suicide note, he blamed Aversa for his shameful death (Heredity died after a 38 hours introduction-threads-reading marathon). Aversa was quickly apprehended by his local authorities and is still awaiting trial for his actions. In an interview, Aversa stated: "I feel ashamed of what I did. How could I know that all the plates would die? I didnt want that to happen."

Crime Scene Photo'sEdit

RIP plates

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