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Autocrat was an example of a rare phenomenon on MAL - he was a subject matter on which the old school MAL population agreed upon, as they deemed him to be an arrogant psuedointellectual who could not debate well and had a cumbersome writing style. Until one day, he simply vanished.

After returning from his meditations with the great sages, a significant change in the patterns of Autocrat's posts had been observed.  Autocrat had been sighted frequently making level-headed and reasonable suggestions. It had been hypothesized that the new Autocrat lurked in the shadow for the chance to reform MAL. Some prophecies called it a dystopian future where shitposters were silenced and educated (completely free of charge); others considered it a future of propriety that would change the face of MAL forever.

With the invent of The Dis Club and co-founding of The Discussion Club, Autocrat had already began his master plans. Will he introduce order to the chaos that strive in the heart of Casual Discussion, or will he be overwhelmed by its sheer weight?

The answer may just be before us...

Relationships with other MAL UsersEdit

Besides the general interactions between Autocrat and the general MAL population, there are a few noteworthy specific relationships.

  1. Immahnoob - Putting Autocrat against Immahnoob is the best example of the unstoppable force paradox. What happens when you put Autocrat against the fortified wall known as Immahnoob? Absolutely nothing. Zeus gets bored and turned them both into stars.
  2. Katsucats - Katsucats, the most powerful Internet Lawyer MAL has ever known, is Autocrat's greatest nemesis.  If Katsucats is Thor - The God of Lightning, then Autocrat is Jormungandr - The World Serpent. It was said that in a future battle, Katsucats will employ a devastating combination of jargon, metaphysics, formal logic and mental persistence to overcome his nemesis. But it doesn't fucking matter because he dies soon after anyway, managing only to walk 9 extra paces before his demise.
  3. Goryo - Auto was utterly and irrevocably disgusted because of questioning his penis size.
  4. Trance - Autocrat's blood brother, or so he has said. Trance has been observed to be the tsundere of this relationship. Auto says that he is trying to capture the real Trance, and he endeavours to do that with diligence like any true brother would. He may get some reciprocation some day.
  5. AnnoKano - Someone Autocrat was severely admonished from back in the day. He claimed he learned a lot from him.